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Hans Rey

An adventure
doesn’t start
until a journey
goes wrong.

  • Former Trials World Champion
  • Freeride Pioneer/ Godfather
  • Mountain Bike Hall of Famer
  • Mountain Bike Adventurer, Philanthropist and Showman
  • Team GT rider since 1987

How did you get into biking? How old were you?
I started riding bicycle trials in 1978 at the age of 12 in my hometown Emmendingen, Germany. We had a motorcycle trials club, and my friends and I wanted to ride motos but started on bicycles. We never switched over.

What do you love most about mountain biking?
I like its individuality. Everybody can perform it the way it suits them best and wherever they want to. One is close to nature and themselves.

What do you like least about mountain biking?
That there aren’t enough single trails and bike parks dedicated to mountain bikers.

Best place biking has taken you?
Around the world to 60-some countries – hard to pick one place!

Worst place biking has taken you?
To the hospital near Hunter Mt., NY

What do you miss most when you are traveling?
I miss a regular life and my friends and family. I guess the same things that make me want to go travel.

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