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2020 HGSL 64 KNOT 142x12 CL REAR WHEEL

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-Class leading aerodynamics
-64mm deep, disc brake specific, full carbon rims
-Rim width: 21mm internal / 32mm external
-HollowGram by DT Swiss rear hub, DT240 internals, Center Lock disc
-DT Swiss Aerolite spokes
*Specyfikacje i ceny mogą ulec zmianie bez podania przyczyny.
Produkty mogą różnić się od przedstawionych na zdjęciach.

Conceived as the first component of the SystemSix design, our new HollowGram 64 KNOT wheels are one hell of an engineering feat all in themselves. Designed to eliminate the drag penalty normally associated with running bigger tires, the 64 KNOT manage to pack all the comfort, rolling resistance and grip benefits of larger volume tires into one of the absolute, bar none, fastest wheelsets on the planet. The disc-only design is significantly wider than other road wheels and that extra width both makes small tires bigger (a 23c tire measures a full 26mm on our wheel) and helps air flowing over the larger tire reattach cleanly to the rim, maximizing flow attachment and minimizing drag. And as a bonus, while they’re optimized for 26mm (23c) tires, the 64 KNOT design exhibits minimal drag with even larger tires, giving riders the option to go bigger without slowing down. It’s pure speed without compromise. By combining cutting edge aerodynamic tech patented and licensed by HED with all of the benefits of big tires, the 64 KNOTs are one of the absolute fastest wheelsets in the world


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